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Configuring The Portal Guard Desktop For Macintosh

Configuring the PortalGuard Desktop for Macintosh

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You have purchased PortalGuard / are considering purchasing PortalGuard and you are looking to configure the PortalGuard Desktop to work with your Macintosh computers.


Listed below are the steps to get PortalGuard Desktop functioning with your Macintosh computers.

1. Have the PortalGuard Desktop Install kit downloaded. You will receive the download link after you have purchased PortalGuard.

2. Before you begin installation, please note the minimum version of Mac OS X PortalGuard Desktop supports is Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard.

3. Open the install kit, read over the included readme file.

4. Drop the applications in the root of the applications directory.

5. The applications need root access to execute because they run from the login window.

6. The PortalGuard shell script is in the bin folder and also needs to be put in the root file.

7. Pictured below are the files and folders that should contain them:

8. Modify the PortalGuard.plist file.

Within PortalGuard.plist update the highlighted text to be the PG server in their environment:

Change to Applications folder and make sure PortalGuardView will launch

You should see the following:

After logging out and then back in, you will see the "Forgot Password?" button on the Mac login screen.

Page last modified on February 11, 2016, at 01:40 PM