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Does Portal Guard Support The Outlook Client And Outlook Web App

Does PortalGuard support federation with the Outlook Web App?

Problem definition: You are considering purchasing PortalGuard/You already have purchased PortalGuard and you are wondering if PortalGuard can federate with the Outlook Client or the Outlook Web App (or both)

Solution: PortalGuard does support federation with the Outlook Web App to allow Single Sign-On or enforce Two-Factor Authentication through PortalGuard. PortalGuard has been certified to function with Outlook Web App up to version Exchange 2013 Cumulative Update 8 (CU8).

The requirements for the PortalGuard server are as follows:

• All end-users must be able to reach the PortalGuard website (e.g. port 443 for HTTPS) over the network. End-users will be redirected to the PortalGuard server(s) to authenticate when accessing OWA.

• PG_IdP.dll is version or higher. This file can be found in the <PGROOT>\bin folder. NOTE: Please contact PortalGuard support if you do not have at least this version to determine the best upgrade method.

The requirements for the Exchange Server are as follows:

• Must be running Exchange 2013, SP1 (aka CU4) or higher

NOTE: You can determine the Exchange version using the following Exchange Management Shell command: get-exchangeserver |ft name,admindisplay*

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