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Errors When Using SSPR

Errors when using SSPR

Tags: common technical issues


You receive an error from PortalGuard when trying to use the self service password reset (SSPR) option.

Error #1: Password Cannot be Reused error

Error Description: When you attempt to reset your password, you receive an error stating "Password Cannot be Reused - Your new password cannot match previously used passwords"


Solution 1: Make sure that the password you are trying to use has not been used before. In the PortalGuard security policy, you can make changes to how many new passwords must be entered before an old password can be reused, and how many characters a new password must differ from an old password by. If these conditions are not settled, you will receive this error.

Error #2: "Constraint Violation" reported in PortalGuard log when trying to set new password

Error Description: When you attempt to reset your password, you receive and error stating "An unknown identity engine failure occurred - please contact the administrator"

Error #3: "Invalid Credentials" preventing password change

Error Description: You attempt to change your password in PortalGuard and receive an "Invalid Credentials" error.

Error Background: This error indicates a problem with the admin service account that was configured in the PG repository for password changes.


Solution 1: This is a known issue and we have released a patch to rectify this issue. Please contact to receive download instructions to receive this patch.

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