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Expired Password And Enrollment

Problem Definition

A brand new user who is logging in with an expired password will not be able to enroll optional questions because they don’t have a valid password. PortalGuard is also not able to change a password if the user is trying to make the change with a password that is already expired.


The solution is to use PortalGuard’s mandatory challenge questions feature to give the user a method for validating who they are without having to give them anything but their username and instructions.

This is how it works:

  1. An administrator uses the PG_BatchImporter utility to pre-enroll (answer) mandatory questions. Mandatory questions are questions that your organization and the end-user already know the answer to. For example, student or employee ID or last four of SS#, etc.
  2. New users are now no longer given temporary passwords, but instead are instructed to navigate to the PortalGuard link, enter their new username and click the “Forgot Password?” button.
  3. The mandatory challenge questions are presented to the user and they answer them.
  4. If the mandatory answers are correct, PortalGuard allows the user to enter the new password and confirm it before setting the new value.
  5. The user is then taken back to the Login dialog with the username and password fields filled in (the new password is in place).
  6. Click the Login button and they will now be taken through the enrollment of the optional questions.

The “PW Reset” Action tab must be configured with these two options checked to allow the user of the pre-enrolled mandatory challenge questions.

Page last modified on April 21, 2016, at 05:11 PM