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Federating The Default Office 365 Domain

PortalGuard and Office 365 Default Domain

Tags: office365, sso, federation, 2fa

Problem Definition

You are unable to federate your Office 365 default domain.


After Federating an Office 365 domain, the only way to authenticate a user in that domain is through the Federation Identity Provider. Should there be a problem with authentication through the IdP, even the administrator of the default domain would not be able to gain access to make any adjustments. For this reason, the Office 365 default domain cannot be federated. In fact, attempts to federate the Office 365 default domain will result in an error. This guarantees that the administrator will always be able to login to Office 365.

Businesses with only a production Office 365 default domain have been getting hung up trying to test Office 365 federation. This document addresses that predicament by walking through the provisioning of a new domain within Office 365 for the sole purpose of testing federation with an Authentication Identity Provider. A new domain should cost as little as $16 for a full year through and the setup with a proper IdP can be accomplished in less than an hour

Page last modified on June 08, 2016, at 08:46 AM