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How Can Users Onboard Themselves Without A Password

How can users onboard themselves without a password?

Tags: security

Problem Definition

You have an installation of PortalGuard and are wondering how users can onboard themselves without an enrolled password.


Give each user instructions along with their username to enter the name at the login prompt and then click a link something like: “New user click here” No password required. This link will bring the user to the PG Self Service Password Reset dialog which will prompt them to answer two one-time mandatory questions. If the answers are correct they will be able to enter and confirm a new password that they come up with. After the password is created, they will be brought back to the PG login where they can login with the username and new password. With correct credentials, the enrollment of the optional questions will take place.

To summarize:

1. User goes to PG login

2. User enters Username

3. User clicks “New user click here” button or link

4. User answers Mandatory questions

5. User is allowed to create a new password

6. User logs in with username and password

7. User answers optional challenge questions

The mandatory questions will be for information that the school and student already know about such as phone number, student ID, address, etc. The answers to the mandatory questions will be batch loaded by the IT department before any users attempt the first access to PG.

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