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Internationalizing Telephone Numbers

Internationalizing Telephone Numbers

Problem: You have an installation of PortalGuard and would like to change the country telephone format to match your country's format.

Tags: user interface

Solution: The PortalGuard Configuration utility is used to set PortalGuard’s “home” country. This is used to determine if national IDD/exit codes and international dialing codes should be used when calling or texting a user’s phone.

When users are prompted to enroll a primary or backup telephone, a drop-down control containing all the supported countries is available for them to choose their country. The list of countries as well as the one selected by default is controlled by the _PG_Countries.xml file. This is located in the “Program Files\PistolStar\PortalGuard\Policies” folder. PortalGuard ships with the “United States” as the default country. To change this default, perform the following steps:

1. Open the “_PG_Countries.xml” file in a text editor and search for the text “united states”. You’ll see the element for the US has a default=”1” attribute as highlighted below:

2. To make “United Kingdom” the default country for users during phone enrollment, remove the “default” attribute from the US element and add it to the United Kingdom element as shown below:

3. Close the file editor and save the changes

4. Lastly, restart PortalGuard (e.g. using “iisreset” on an IIS server) and refresh the web browser for these changes to take effect.

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