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Keeping Only The Default Background

Keeping Only The Default Background

Tags: User Interface

Problem Definition

You have an installation of PortalGuard and would like to keep only the default green background as the background on your PortalGuard login screen.


The steps below will remove the theme picker and revert to the default flat green PG UI:

1.Remove the highlighted text from login.aspx to prevent the theme drop down from displaying:

2.Comment out the highlighted line below:


The 1st step also needs to be performed in the following files (they have the theme selector as well):

1. default.aspx

2. _layouts\PG\changepw.aspx

3. _layouts\PG\login.aspx

4. _layouts\PG\register.aspx


The 2nd step also needs to be performed on the following pages (they all contain logic that will choose the “gradient” style in the absence of the “NebulaSkin” cookie):

1. default.aspx

2. sso\addsite.aspx

3. sso\default.aspx

4. _layouts\PG\changepw.aspx

5. _layouts\PG\forgotuser.aspx

6. _layouts\PG\login.aspx

7. _layouts\PG\register.aspx

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