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OTP Settings

OTP Settings

Tags: Password Rules

Problem Definition

You have an installation of PortalGuard and are interested in changing the OTP settings.

One-Time Passcode Expiration Interval - The number of seconds until an unused OTP expires and can no longer be used. This only applies to OTPs which have NOT yet been used (these are immediately invalidated).

Allow One-Time Passcode Resend - This setting allows users to request the OTP be resent to them (either via SMS or phone call) after waiting a minimum amount of time. It can result in extra costs/charges for the SMS or phone call but improves the usability of the feature. It also causes the OTP to be saved in a reversibly encrypted format.

One-Time Passcode Length - The number of characters each randomly generated OTP will contain.

One-Time Passcode Format - The types of characters each randomly generated OTP will contain. Please note that some characters (zero, capital 'O') may be difficult to distinguish from one another. The options are:

  • Numeric Characters
  • Upper/Lowercase Letters
  • Numeric and Upper/Lowercase Letters
  • Numeric, Upper/Lowercase Letters and Symbols
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