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Password Rules-Miscellaneous

Password Rules - Miscellaneous

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Problem Definition

This section deals with the miscellaneous password requirements that can be configured in PortalGuard.


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Enforce Complexity On Login - When enabled, password complexity will be checked against the rules on every user login. Helpful if you change the rules and want immediate compliance.

Different Characters In New Password - This check will ensure new passwords must have a minimum of X different characters from the previous password. This rule can only be enforced when PortalGuard has access to the user's previous/current password. This is only possible in the following scenarios:

  • The 'Set Password' action (user provides current password)
  • Self-service password reset where offline or password recovery is enabled

-AND- the user authenticates via challenge answers

NOTE: The count cannot be greater than the minimum password length.

Allowable Password Regular Expression - A regular expression describing allowable new passwords set through PortalGuard. An example of a valid regex would be:


This expression is evaluated independently from other password rules. Leave this value blank to skip this verification.

Display Message On RegEx Evaluation Failure - This message is displayed to end users whose new passwords do not satisfy the regular expression above. You can embed HTML tags in this message.

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