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Portal Guard CJIS Compliance

PortalGuard and CJIS Compliance

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Problem Definition

You are a law enforcement agency or an agency associated with law enforcement and are interested in learning more about PortalGuard and how it complies with CJIS guidelines.


Those in law enforcement know that the CJIS Policy Guidelines offer a complete and comprehensive guideline on how all Criminal Justice systems need to be structured, audited, and compliant.

Chief among these regulations are requirements that deal specifically with user ID’s, remote system access, password compliance, two-factor authorization, auditing and reporting. The matrix below is designed to help you understand which Policy Areas PortalGuard can help you satisfy quickly and efficiently. If you have further questions on CJIS compliance we invite you to give us a call at 603.547.1200 or visit

Policy Area 4 - Auditing & Accountability

Policy Area 5 - Access Control

Policy Area 5 - Access Control

Policy Area 6 - Identification & Authentication

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