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Portal Guard NIST Compliance

PortalGuard and NIST Compliance

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Listed below are NIST Compliance guidelines outlined and how PortalGuard can help your organization comply with the guidelines.

NIST 800-53 Security Controls for Federal IS/O

National Institute of Standards and Technology—August 2009

NIST 800-53 is widely recognized as the benchmark for not only Federal Information Systems and Organizations but it also serves as the foundation for many private sector IS guidelines and procedures.

Because of its all encompassing nature that includes comprehensive guidelines on policy and procedures, training guidelines, facility protection as well systemic requirements we believe there is no single application or platform that can address every component within the guidelines as there are just too many and they are too diverse.

With that said, there are a number of areas that a strong authentication platform like PortalGuard can help you with when it comes to compliance. We strongly believe PortalGuard is able to provide capable, customizable, and cost efficient protection.

To help you understand where we can help we’re providing the attached matrices to help you better understand the requirements and to see how PortalGuard can help.

PortalGuard Summary Matrix

NIST 800-53 has 16 unique sub-categories designed to address each component in an indepth manner. PortalGuard provides one of the strongest authentication platforms in the industry and can help your organization meet and exceed a number of 800-53’s requirements. Click on the appropriate control to see the specific controls and how PortalGuard can help.

AC—Access Control

AC—Access Control (cont.)

AU—Auditing & Reporting

AU—Auditing & Reporting (cont.)

CA—Security Assessment

CA—Security Assessment

CM—Configuration Management (cont.)

IA—Identification & Authentication

IR—Incident Reporting

RA—Risk Assessment

SC—System & Communication Protection

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