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Redirect To SSO Landing Page

Make PortalGuard SSO Landing Page the Default

Tags: Security SSO

Problem Definition

How can the default PortalGuard login page become the SSO landing page instead of the Account Management page?


PortalGuard has an "sso_redir.aspx" file that can be put in place to automatically redirect a user to the SSO landing page when they navigate to the root of the PortalGuard Website. Instructions:

  • Drop the sso_redir.aspx file into the root directory of the PortalGuard server.
	The green highlighted section below performs the redirect to /sso/default.aspx:
  • Set the Default Document web site to "sso_redir.aspx".
  • To navigate to the original default.aspx (PG Account Management) page after making this change, users will have to specify the "default.aspx" file in the URL. Ex. https://pgwebsite/default.aspx
Page last modified on September 27, 2016, at 11:53 AM