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SSO For Non-federated Web Apps

SSO For Web Apps that don't Support Federated Authentication

Tags: FBA, Forms-based, sso

Problem Definition

You are looking to configure Web Apps that don't support any of the PortalGuard authentication protocols for Single Sign-On.


Forms-Based Single Sign-On (FBSSO) The Forms-Based Single Sign-On to 3rd party websites works by encrypting and storing end-users credentials on the PortalGuard server and automatically submitting this data to the proper 3rd party URL when the end-user requests SSO to the site from PortalGuard’s SSO portal. This feature is completely implemented on the PortalGuard server so it does not require any client-side software.

The administrator is responsible for making website “templates” available to end-users. These templates tell the internal PortalGuard engine how it should interact with the target websites when testing user credentials during enrollment or initiating SSO on the end-user’s behalf. Some pre-built templates ship with PortalGuard, but the IdP Configuration Editor also has a built-in Login Template creator that can help the administrator create templates for new websites. PortalGuard support can also assist with this process.


  1. HTML Login Forms - Websites must utilize HTML-based login forms. Basic authentication is not supported.
  2. Pre-existing User Accounts - Users must already have registered an account on the target website.
  3. Username/Password Only - Full SSO only works for websites that allow login using only username and password.
  4. SSO Only From PortalGuard - After enrolling for SSO, nothing prevents users from going directly to the target website and manually logging in. However, SSO is only supported when the user clicks the appropriate link on the PortalGuard SSO portal page.
  5. Popup Blockers Disabled - Some websites require pre-fetching to create session cookies before login is attempted. For this kind of website, the user’s browser must allow pop-ups from the PortalGuard SSO site.

Example of Supported Templates

  1. Discovery Education
  2. AESOP/Absence Management
  3. Edmentum/Plato
  4. Milepost Silverback
  5. Safe Schools
  6. School Messenger
  7. Think Central
  8. TypingQuest
  9. PowerSchool
  10. LaserFiche
  11. Booking Builder
  12. CAMS Student Portal
  13. GoMath
  14. PaperCut
  15. WestJet

Please contact PortalGuard Technical Support for details about using these templates OR if the Web App you are looking for is not in the list. We are adding new templates all the time.

603 547-1200

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