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What Kind Of Service Accounts Are Needed For Portal Guard Repositories

What kind of service accounts are needed for PortalGuard repositories? (SQL and AD)

Tags: requirements

Problem Definition

You are configuring PortalGuard and need to know what kind of service accounts are needed for read/write to the PortalGuard repositories.


For SQL, you just need a standard username and password. For AD, there are combinations. One of them includes 2 accounts, one for read, one for write. The account for writing needs to have administrator privileges and the PG server needs to be added to the domain. A separate account is needed for the reads. This is used if PortalGuard server is joined to the domain. The benefit is that Native Windows API can be used and the admin account to do data sensitive actions. The other option is a single admin account, however, LDAPS to the active directory domain controller is needed for read/write operations.

Page last modified on February 16, 2016, at 10:55 AM