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Link Not Visible Even Though Feature Is Properly Configured

Link Not Visible Even Though Feature is Properly Configured

Tags: common technical issues missing link text

Problem Definition

PortalGuard has been properly configured for a specific feature, but you don't see the text on the user interface.


Make sure all of the font colors for your text do not match the background color. Text is not visible if it is the same color as the background it is on.


Customer reported that the "Change my answers" link was not available on the PortalGuard Account Management page.

This is how the page looked (notice the lack of text in the red rectangle):

By selecting the text on the page, we are able to see that the text color is white. In this instance, the text color in the appropriate CSS was changed to black to show the "Change my answers" and "Clear my answers" text.

Page last modified on October 11, 2016, at 12:34 PM