Stand your guard. Standardize your logins.

An all in one solution that protects your users, with customer service that helps you every step of the way.

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Single Sign-On

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Self-Service Password Reset

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Two Factor

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Password Sync

Single Sign On

PortalGuard offers true Single Sign-on for its customers. There is no need to worry about forgetting multiple username and password combinations when you can remember just one. Keep your peace of mind, and let PortalGuard help you secure your various logins and applications behind a single set of strong, secure credentials.

Self Service Password Reset

Forgetting your password is nothing new. With the desire to increase security, creating a strong, memorable password has never been more complicated, and forgetting the layout or specifics of the password can be a real time waster if it interrupts your day.

Everyone has an important job to do and a forgotten password can really knock things off the rails. Get that lost time back with a secure, easy way to reset and recover your password and get back to the tasks that matter.

PortalGuard Self-service Password Reset can help you get everything back on track.

Two Factor Authentication

Two-factor Authentication adds an extra layer of security for your logins. With eleven different 2FA and OTP deliver methods, PortalGuard can help you implement Two-factor authentication however and wherever you need it.

Strong and secure authentication shouldn’t be difficult for you or your end-users. PortalGuard makes 2FA simple and easy – the way it should be.

Contextual Authentication

Create a more secure environment without extra effort for your users. PortalGuard can look at the context of a particular login attempt in order to validate the user making the request.

A fraudulent login attempt will be denied even with the correct login credentials, while there will be virtually no impact on a valid user login.

Password Sync

Password Synchronization converts multiple accounts with different passwords to a single, strong password. Password Synchronization can be combined with a strong password policy and password structure to increase security while maintaining convenience for your end users.