Overview of PortalGuard

With PortalGuard, administrators can lock down access to their corporate intranet and extranet portals while also providing end users with a more stream-lined, user-friendly authentication experience and giving them the ability to automatically recover their password directly from the browser without having to call the Help Desk.

PortalGuard will increase the security of your systems by adding features such as multi-factor authentication, Single Sign-On (SSO), password quality, history, expiration and lockout due to incorrect logins. By also allowing users to securely reset their forgotten passwords via the web, PortalGuard also reduces Help Desk calls and related user downtime.

Administrators can easily set password policies, such as having the user reset the password immediately following initial logon, or specifying a set number of days that the user will have until actually being forced to reset the password.

In addition to the many preferences that an Administrator can set, PortalGuard offers a userfriendly interface through which users can authenticate and manage their passwords.

PortalGuard does not replace the user repository you currently have in place, nor does it store a copy of users’ current passwords. It simply stores its own data (e.g. expiration date, challenge answer hashes, strike data) in a look-aside data store and contacts your current repository only to authenticate the credentials input by the user or change their password there.