Balancing Secure Authentication and Convenience
Alongside Microsoft IIS

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PortalGuard for Microsoft IIS

A Fully Integrated Authentication Package for IIS

The Microsoft Internet Information Services (IIS) server is a top choice among many organizations looking for an extensible web server with the backing of a strong name. With its wide array of authentication mechanisms, IIS is often the base for a larger infrastructure of websites, applications, and services both in the cloud and on-premises.

As an integral part of an internal and externally facing infrastructure, it is important to provide secure, convenient access to IIS and associated services. PortalGuard is designed to run on and integrate directly with IIS in order to enhance all existing authentication scenarios, and reduce the strain that standard IIS implementations can place on local IT resources.

IIS Integration

With the versatility that IIS provides, thorough integration is a must. PortalGuard sits on its own IIS server, managing all traffic before it enters your IIS environment. PortalGuard’s effective authentication package serves to improve usability, enhance authentication security, and remove end-user reliance on local IT Resources, all while enhancing and expanding upon the native features of IIS.

Primary integration points include:

  • Single Sign-On to Various Web Apps
  • Password Reset and Recovery
  • Two-Factor Authentication
  • Support for Multiple User Repositories (AD, LDAP, SQL)
  • User Activity Reporting
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IBM websphere integration
SAML security and usability

Improving Security and Usability without Breaking the Bank

SSO, 2FA, and Password Management

No matter how Microsoft IIS is being utilized in your environment, finding a strong balance between security and usability has never been more important. In order to achieve that balance and provide the best experience for end-users and administrators alike, the PortalGuard IdP implements Single Sign-On alongside multiple 2FA features and granular password management.

By utilizing industry standard protocols such as SAML, CAS, Shibboleth, WS-Fed, and Kerberos, PortalGuard provides users and administrators with streamlined access to all of your integrated websites and applications – all with a single set of credentials.

PortalGuard also provides the convenience and security of over 12 different delivery options of One-Time Passwords for Two-Factor Authentication. Security requirements are completely configurable down to the individual Organizational Unit of your user database, and can be adjusted to meet the unique requirements of your environment.

The PortalGuard IdP also provides granular password management capabilities to enable Password Reset, Password Recovery, and Account Unlock for end-users. By enabling end-users to manage their own passwords, PortalGuard further reduces reliance on local IT resources and enables end-users to get back to work quickly and efficiently. Additionally, PortalGuard's configurable nature allows for adherence to both internal and external compliance requirements with little to no extra hassle.

The PortalGuard Integrated Authentication Package for Microsoft IIS improves both usability and security without sacrificing either.

Connect PortalGuard With the Services You Already Use

  • Active Directory Integration
  • Citrix Integration
  • Cloud Hosting Integration
  • Compliance Integration
  • External/SQL User Directory Integration
  • Identity Integration
  • Independent Directory Integration
  • Location Awareness Integration
  • Mobile Device Integration
  • Multi-Factor Authentication Integration
  • Multiple Login Integration
  • Office 365 Integration
  • On-Premises Integration
  • Password Policy Integration
  • SharePoint Integration
  • Single Sign-On Integration
  • Self-Registration Integration
  • Self-Service Functionality Integration
  • User Activity Reporting Integration
  • Virtual Desktop Integration
  • Web Portal Integration
  • White-Label Branding Integration