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PortalGuard for K-12 Educational Institutions

A Fully Integrated Authentication Package for K-12 Schools

K-12 Educational Institutions face many unique challenges when it comes to authentication and identity management. As education technology improves, more institutions are migrating to learning management systems and digital application suites in order to enhance the learning experience from end to end. As these developments take place, the authentication and identity management challenges facing these institutions increase dramatically.

With PortalGuard, we specialize in addressing the specific needs of K-12 Educational Institutions by utilizing our fully featured Integrated Authentication Package (IAP) within your school's portal.

K-12 Identity and Access Management Integration

The PortalGuard IAP provides K-12 institutions with access to Identity Federation, extensible password management, password reset functionality, and configurable access control methods within a single solution. Additionally, PortalGuard is fully capable of integrating with many of the common applications and systems used in K-12 environments.

Features enjoyed by many K-12 Educational Institutions include:

  • Single Sign-On
  • Password Reset and Recovery
  • Two-Factor Authentication
  • Multiple Directory Integration
  • Google Chromebook Integration
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SAML security and usability

Solving the Problem of Multiple Directory Integration

Identity Federation and Password Management

The advent of application suites such as Google for Education and Office 365 has introduced a troublesome issue to many K-12 environments – integrating local directories with the additional user repositories necessary to utilize and maintain these services. Scenarios often include the need to integrate a local Active Directory, a district Active Directory, and a Google Authentication directory simultaneously. In such cases, finding the appropriate tools is both time-consuming and expensive.

PortalGuard provides an alternative solution with a price that does not increase with the number of users in a given institution. The Integrated Authentication Package provides necessary Identity and Access management functionality, without requiring additional solutions to fill in the gaps.

Utilizing the built in Identity Provider (IdP), PortalGuard communicates directly with each user repository to provide streamlined Identity Federation without dragging down your students, faculty, and staff with additional authentication requirements. A centrally managed authentication provider streamlines the job so that resources can be accessed quickly and efficiently, with no need to involve local IT resources.

As an added bonus, PortalGuard supports all major industry standard protocols for Single Sign-On and Identity Federation, as well as Google Sync. Furthermore, access management is configurable down to the individual organizational unit of the registered user. This integration makes access control a non-issue for administration, ensuring that the appropriate resources are provided to the correct individual.

PortalGuard’s Integrated Authentication Package for K-12 works seamlessly within any environment to improve both usability and security without sacrificing either.

Customize Your Login Portal with PortalGuard’s White-Label User Interface

For both end-users and administrators alike, having a consistent look and feel is a key factor in the success of any new solution. In terms of a secure login portal, a look and feel that remains consistent with the surrounding website serves to inspire confidence and usability before the user even interacts with the site itself. Login portals that are too dissimilar from an institution’s existing environment can cause confusion and mistrust, leading to an increase in Help Desk calls or a lack of interaction with the new solution.

In order to provide the most usable solution, PortalGuard is equipped with a fully customizable, White-Labeled User Interface. Everything from the background of the page, to the logos, links, and on-page reminders can be customized to match the look and feel of your organization. Your team has worked hard to make your online presence a perfect representation of your goals and ideals – PortalGuard preserves that effort to offer an enhanced login portal without detracting from the strength of your existing website.

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Examples of K-12 Integration

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