Reset your Active Directory password anywhere, anytime

Secure your logins with a single point-of-access to reduce your everyday login prompts.

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Welcome to a Simpler World

PortalGuard Password Reset brings self-service to a whole new level. Simply pairing a phone with the app grants a user access to simple, one-touch password reset to a new password of his or her choosing. Just type in the new password and touch the panel and your Active Directory credentials will be updated instantly.

Benefits of the One-Touch Password Reset

  • Simple process: no external help required!
  • Easy to manage - takes up very little space!
  • In-app dialogue to instruct the user on any password policy violations

Generate a strong, easy to remember password

Familiarity Has Never Been so Simple

When it comes right down to it, you need a password that only you will know – and you need it to be a strong one. Short of a jumbled mass of digits and characters, strong passwords are hard to remember!

With the PortalGuard Personalized Password, we’ll take the information that you provide and create a password that is both uniquely personal and adequately secure.

The Steps are Simple

  • Answer personal questions that only you would know
  • Tap ‘Personalized Password’
  • Revel in your new, uniquely familiar AD Password!

Provide an OTP for 2 Factor Authentication – [OTP Delivery]

A convenient, easy to access, secure OTP straight at your finger tips – no Google, no extra hardware, just PortalGuard

Let’s face it, all OTP Providers are not made equal – and that’s okay! With the PortalGuard Password Reset app, we’ll give you an OTP that syncs directly to PortalGuard for an easy, manageable way to secure your login.

It Really is that Simple.

  • Enroll your Phone with PortalGuard Via QR Code
  • OTP Seed synchs alongside the QR during enrolment
  • Your phone becomes the shared secret to prove your identity
  • Added visual timer to illustrate OTP Generation and expiration

Don’t sacrifice convenience for security when you can have both. There is an entire world at your fingertips – Let PortalGuard help you put to good use.