The Benefits

The main purpose of Two-factor authentication is the natural ability to increase security for end-user logins. Successfully implementing 2FA will improve authentication security by adding an extra layer of protection to application access, VPN access and even Self-service account management actions.(PW Reset, recovery,etc.)

Risk Reduction

As implied in the name, One-time Passwords help to reduce the risk of being compromised by leveraging single-use credentials. Even in a situation where an attacker manages to steal the code in transit, once it is used by you to authenticate, it becomes completely unusable.


With PortalGuard, Two-factor authentication is simple, and more usable than ever. With a wide array of supported OTP delivery methods, finding a solution that benefits your environment without compromising usability can be as simple as leveraging the hardware that your end-users already have and know how to use efficiently.

Eliminate Forgotten Passwords

PortalGuard provides the option to configure accounts to require only a username and OTP - completely removing the need to remember a complex password to input at every login. The strength and complexity of a randomly generated OTP makes it an ideal replacement for the static password.

Fully Configurable

2FA Requirements can be configured according to the User, Group or Application level where appropriate.