Beyond 2FA: Contextual Authentication

In addition to typical 2FA methods, the flexibility of PortalGuard allows for full customization of the appropriate authentication method for each user, group or application, by leveraging Contextual Authentication. Varying access scenarios can be a huge bane for authentication security. Each access scenario comes inherent with its own risks and benefits, which can often be difficult to manage appropriately. Contextual Authentication allows for the customization of risk scores attached to fully configurable attributes – such as Geographic location,time of day, network security and more. The final risk score is then used by PortalGuard to determine the required authentication requirements – if Necessary, Contextual Authentication can even deny access for a specific user unless certain conditions are met.

For instance, users that need access only when on corporate property during normal business hours may only be required to login with a strong password, whereas a traveling salesperson or roaming user is presented with an appropriate two-factor authentication requirement. Additionally, if said salesperson or roaming user were to attempt to login while on corporate premises, that additional 2FA requirement would not be presented.

Contextual Authentication is a solution with the flexibility to match the needs of both an organization and the specific users there in.