Implementation of the PortalGuard platform is seamless and requires no changes to existing Active Directory/LDAP schema. However, a server-side software installation is required on each IIS server for which PortalGuard's authentication functionality is desired, and additional client-side software is required for the use of contextual authentication and/or transparent tokens.

In order to provide the best deployment experience possible, PistolStar, Inc. provides every customer with relevant deployment kits geared towards the product as a whole, as well as the individual features that need to be deployed in a given environment. These deployment kits are created in collaboration with existing customers, and focus on streamlining areas that often prove difficult during a typical deployment situation.

Our deployment kits reference four basic phases of deployment:

  • Planning
  • Pre-Deployment Communications
  • During-DeploymentCommunications
  • Post-Deployment Monitoring & Reporting

  • Each deployment kit provides detailed information surrounding each phase of your PortalGuard deployment. PistolStar, Inc. provides additional documentation to address end-user questions, improve branding of the PortalGuard login portal, as well as various user guides (where applicable).

    Our goal is totake the pressure off of our customers and make the adoption of the PortalGuard solution as painless as possible.