Office 365 Secure Portal Login

Empower your End-Users and Improve Security

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PortalGuard is an All-In-One Office 365 Portal Login that provides two-factor authentication, self-service password reset, and single sign-on to other SAML enabled applications.

Office 365 Access

A Office 365 Login using PortalGuard can be used to go beyond passwords and give secure cloud access to the Office 365 suite. Organizations are looking to PortalGuard to provide password management, strong authentication and single sign-on but by leveraging your own local Active Directory.

Office 365 Integration with PortalGuard

Your Local Active Directory

The "native" 2FA to Office 365 is only supported when using Microsoft's "cloud-based" Active Directory. The native 2FA is NOT supported when using ADFS/Local Active Directory logins otherwise. However PortalGuard does support this configuration.

A Turnkey Solution

PortalGuard's user authentication solution-set for Office 365 adds value to your users as a tightly integrated single point of access. PortalGuard provides flexible ways for your clients to manage their access control including; self-service password reset, a choice of eight two-factor authentication methods, identity management, and single sign-on all-in-one solution-set.

PortalGuard for Office 365

PortalGuard for Office 365 has:

  • Independent user directories
  • User self registration
  • Trusted authentication provider
  • Integrated People Picker
  • Integrated SAML IdP for Single Sign-On to Google Apps, and more.

PortalGuard SSO to Office 365

PortalGuard to SSO to Office 365 video