Restoring a balance between security and usability.

PortalGuard’s PassiveKey is a transparent, Time-based One-Time Password (TOTP) generator for Two-Factor Authentication (2FA), giving you the secure login you need while also giving you the usability that many other OTP methods do not. PassiveKey is a shared secret between the device and PortalGuard. The share-secret is used to create a TOTP which is then encrypted using PKI. This phase of the authentication is transparent to the user. PassiveKey takes the hassle out of two-factor authentication.

Today, with just your password, you easily gain access to your email, but any hacker that has guessed or stolen your password also has access to your email, compromising private information and stealing your identity. But with PassiveKey in place, you easily gain access to your email with your password plus a shared secret only your registered laptop knows, so when that hacker tries to access your email with just your password . . . ACCESS DENIED!

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