Deployment Steps

The deployment and configuration of PortalGuard's PassiveKey for VPN typically has the following sequence. Time estimates have been provided to help facilitate resource planning.

PortalGuard Server

1) Configure server with PortalGuard prerequisites (120 minutes)

2) Install PortalGuard server MSI and perform ini4al configuration (60 minutes)

3) Configure & enable the RADIUS service on the PortalGuard server (15 minutes)

Network Appliance/Firewall

4) Ensure VPN appliance can reach PortalGuard RADIUS server on the network (30 minutes)

5) Configure VPN appliance to authen4cate against PortalGuard RADIUS server (30 minutes)


6) Deploy PG Desktop MSI to end users. This can be through a standard MSI with silent installation as an option or a webbased installer (5 minutes for single install, 12 hours for silent package)

NOTE: The PassiveKey for VPN hotkey can be customized using a MST.

7) One-time end-user enrollment in PassiveKey (3 minutes)