Active Directory Password Recovery

Resetting an Active Directory Password often means placing a potentially strong and secure password into the blacklist for password history – making it unusable as a password for a set length of time. Oftentimes, users simply mistype or forget an AD password momentarily, without the password actually being compromised. When the password in question is strong, complex, and secure, it can be an absolute nightmare to create a suitable replacement – especially if the password is still at the beginning of its ‘life.’

The PortalGuard Active Directory password recovery tool provides standard users with the ability to recovery and continue to make use of their existing strong passwords – without replacing them with an entirely new, likely to be forgotten password. Using customizable Challenge Questions and Answers, PortalGuard provides a secure, convenient method for end users to recover their active directory passwords and get back to their accounts without being thoroughly interrupted.

    Benefits of the PortalGuard Active Directory Password Recovery Tool:

  • Continue to use strong, complex passwords
  • Prevent interruptions of work/access
  • Reduce end-user frustration
  • AD Password Recovery without Administrative Access

Head over to our Active Directory Integration page, or check out the White Paper for even more information on Active Directory Password Reset.