Self Service Active Directory Password Reset Tool

In Active Directory, password reset is a default requirement with configurable intervals. The rate at which the password must be changed depends on the level of security required for the information behind that particular set of AD credentials. A strong password policy requires more frequent changes – increasing security and protection against potential intruders – whereas an account that needs access to less-sensitive information will often require less password reset requirements.

Where a strong password policy is implemented that requires an AD password reset, users need access to a strong active directory password reset solution to make this process painless without reducing the overall security of their AD network account and password.

PortalGuard’s Active Directory password reset tool turns the login screen to an AD self service portal – enabling users to change their password as needed without being required to contact the help desk or another administrator for assistance. PortalGuard Self-service password reset also assists with active directory account lockouts and can be completed through a web-browser or the PortalGuard Mobile Password Reset Application.

    Benefits of the Self Service Active Directory Password Reset Tool

  • Self-service
  • Detailed instructions/Error message explanations
  • Accessible from the Desktop, Web Browser, or Mobile App
  • Integrates seamlessly with Active Directory User, Group, or Domain configurations

Head over to our Active Directory Integration page, or check out the White Paper for even more information on Active Directory Password Reset.