Active Directory Password Reset

Active Directory is a directory service that PortalGuard commonly integrates with in order to provide AD password reset. Active Directory was originally released by Microsoft on Windows 2000 and it was revised with additional features for Windows Server 2008. AD is a database where all user account information and passwords are stored, and this is what PortalGuard needs to integrate with in order to leverage that information for a well-functioning AD self-service portal. This is important because it allows PortalGuard to sync to Active Directory so that it can modify accounts and user passwords automatically - creating a simple and customizable self service tool.

Active Directory uses hierarchies and logical structures in the form of objects made up of users, printers, or computers in order to create a Global Catalog for an entire organization. This makes it easy for administrators to easily access and manage their AD, which is why it is a popular choice among many network administrators. PortalGuard has extensive experience integrating with AD to set up an Active Directory Password Reset tool, and we have been able to streamline the process to make it quick and easy for PortaGuard customers to integrate with our product as well.