SQL Password Recovery

SQL (Structured Query Language) is a programming language for getting and updating a database. SQL is a widely supported database language as it is a fairly popular database programming language. SQL was initially developed by IBM, and was designed to change and retrieve data stored in IBM's management systems. There are currently thousands of businesses that use SQL in the same way to access their own user databases.

On a basic level, what SQL does is this: it performs a query or a search for information that is needed within a database and it returns that information to the administrator. PortalGuard is able to utilize this process to retrieve account usernames and passwords in order to authenticate end-users in a secure manner.

SQL for password reset can be a useful tool because SQL is able to perform queries to access user-specific information such as account usernames and passwords. PortalGuard's SQL Integration uses these capabilities to connect with company databases in order to perform SQL password recovery. This lets users avoid having to contact support in order to reset their forgotten passwords, and it makes it a quick and easy task for a user to reset a forgotten password without any additional support, simply by using PortalGuard.