Self-Service Password Recovery for Citrix StoreFront with PortalGuard

PortalGuard’s integration points for Citrix consist of a combination of both self-service and two-factor functionality - including integration with Citrix NetScaler via RADIUS, and self-service password reset from the Citrix StoreFront and Web Interface. PortalGuard SideCar includes both self-service password reset and self-service password recovery functionality. This feature enhances the login process for remote HTTP servers utilizing web standards to ensure that it works across all browser types without requiring any additional client-side software installation.

In some cases, when users forget their passwords, it may not always make sense to generate a new one. Also included within PortalGuard SideCar, Password Recovery allows users to recover or view their current password as plain text after sufficiently proving their identity via challenge answers, or providing OTPs sent to either their mobile device or alternate email address.

Citrix is known for its wide array of products and capabilities, including Citrix Password Manager Citrix Access Gateway and Citrix StoreFront customization. PortalGuard’s self-service capabilities within the Citrix StoreFront login form include self-service password reset, self-service password recovery, and account unlock.

In addition to integration with Citrix StoreFront, PortalGuard’s secure web portal integration provides several tailored options for streamlining access management – all of which encompass single sign-on, self-service password reset and multifactor authentication.

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