Self-Service Password Reset for Citrix StoreFront with PortalGuard

Citrix StoreFront is an enterprise application store that improves security and simplifies deployments. The successor to Citrix Web Interface, StoreFront’s on-demand, self-service dashboard is a place where users of businesses and organizations worldwide can choose the apps and desktops they need in order to be productive in their mobile work styles.

Citrix is known for its wide array of products and capabilities, including Citrix Password Manager, Citrix Access Gateway, and Citrix StoreFront customization. When it comes to both self-service and password reset capabilities within the Citrix Receiver login form, PortalGuard delivers streamlined access management.

Among other remote HTTP servers on which PortalGuard is not already installed, PortalGuard integrates with your Citrix StoreFront login to add Self-service Password Reset and forgotten username capabilities for your end-users. This streamlined integration, known as PortalGuard SideCar, enhances the login process while solving other issues with its ability to force end-user enrollment. >> Read full press release

Embedded self-service password reset functionality to remote HTTP servers like the Citrix StoreFront is just one of the many features associated with PortalGuard’s PortalGuard for Citrix. PortalGuard also provides multiple Two-factor Authentication options - including integration with RADIUS.

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Active Directory SSPR via PortalGuard SideCar