Reduce IT Helpdesk Calls with Password Reset

Password-related IT help desk calls can take up as much as 30-40% of all incoming help desk calls – depending on the specific organization. These calls range from standard password reset calls to full-blown account unlocks. With the growing requirements for stronger, complex passwords – end-users are constantly faced with the unfortunate need to recall multiple passwords that are rarely simple to remember. In turn, this can place a real toll on identity management stressors for end-users at any level.

With multiple complex passwords comes an increased likelihood that passwords will be forgotten. Compound that with the fact that users are unlikely to call the help desk until the last moment and you have an IT Help Desk that is flooded with increased password related IT help desk calls regardless of the industry.

An effective solution for reducing help desk calls is to provide end–users with the ability to resolve these password management issues on their own, from the comfort of their own room, office, or classroom. A fully equipped self-service solution provides end-users with password reset, password recovery, account unlock and even various account management function – significantly reducing the pressure placed on tier 1 help desk support to handle these issues directly.

PortalGuard provides this entire range of functionality and then some within its own self service portal for identity and password management – complete with deployment kits and forced end-user enrollment to increase adoption rates throughout any environment. At 30-40%, reducing password-related help desk calls can go a long way towards reducing help desk costs and increasing productivity of users and IT.

    Benefits of Using the PortalGuard Self Service Portal to Reduce IT Help Desk Calls

  • Forced end-user enrollment
  • Detailed deployment kits for increased user adoption rates
  • Full suite of password and identity management functionality
  • Reduction in Tier 1 IT helpdesk calls and associated costs
  • To learn more about reducing help desk calls, and managing multiple passwords, check out our white paper on Configurable Password Management