Exceed Your Compliance Requirements with a Strong Password Expiration Policy

Having a strong password policy - including a strong password expiration policy - is oftentimes the first step toward making sure that you are in compliance with a number of government mandated requirements.

Whether it's HIPAA, FERPA, COPPA, PCI or any other compliance regulation requirements, having a strong password solution that can help you enforce the key elements of good password control is a critical step in making sure that you stay on top of your compliance requirements.

PortalGuard provides a host of tools to help IT administrators manage the entirety of their password compliance requirements. Whether it's setting a password expiration policy, password lockout, complexity rules or setting a length requirement, PortalGuard takes a robust approach to password policies that will help you stay on top of your audit requirements.

Contact us today to find out how PortalGuard can help you make sure that you are fully compliant and able to effectively administer your password expiration policy.