Familiar Password Generator

Keeping up with the many requirements for a strong, secure password is not always easy to manage. Understanding password complexity and keeping track of which passwords have already been used can serve to increase user frustration instead of keeping it at bay – which is why many software companies have worked on creating their own password generators to take some of the stress away from the end-user without sacrificing security

When password generators are done correctly, they are the epitome of convenience – providing end-users with peace of mind and a secure choice for a front door to their important data and information. Oftentimes, however, password generators suffer from much the same issues as any complex password – end users have no luck remembering them, and must resort to insecure methods of retaining or recalling those passwords – such as writing them down in obvious locations or sharing them with others.

With the PortalGuard Self-service Password Reset App for mobile, however, end-users have access to a one touch familiar password generator directly on their mobile device. The PortalGuard familiar password generator not only creates strong and secure passwords, but does so based on information that is relevant to the user. This functionality, combined with one-touch password reset functionality, provides users with a simple, secure, easy to remember method of creating and resetting a password – with nothing more than the touch of a button.

    Benefits of the PortalGuard Familiar Password Generator

  • Creates strong, easy to remember passwords
  • Can easily integrate with Password Reset capabilities
  • Available on Google Play Store and the iTunes Appstore
  • Automatically updates to the PortalGuard server
  • For more information, check out our blog on the Familiar Password Generator, or head over to our YouTube Channel to see it in action.