Mobile Password Manager Application

Mobile password manager applications are increasingly necessary in any business or educational environment. Continuously evolving remote access requirements and Bring-Your-Own-Device (BYOD) programs have resulted in even more forgotten passwords, unique access scenarios, and complex password policy requirements. With PortalGuard’s mobile password manager app, password reset and management becomes simple and more secure than ever.

Integrating with Single Sign-on, the Mobile Password Manager app provides an entire host of benefits for improving usability and increasing productivity for end users. Providing users with a mobile alternative for password reset makes use of a common end-user device to help reduce help desk calls and get users back to work that needs doing.

    Features & Benefits of the PortalGuard Mobile Password Reset Application

  • Self-service
  • Small file size
  • Detailed in-app instructions
  • One-tap Password Reset
  • Familiar Password Generator
  • Optional Secure OTP Generator
  • Available on Android and iOS
  • Check out Mobile Self-service Password Reset in action.