Web Based Password Manager

Password reset can be a troublesome issue in any industry. As many users are now doing much of their work on the go, or wherever they happen to have network access, localization of password reset functionality is not always the most worthwhile solution. Users are increasingly seeking web based password manager solutions to reduce the weight of forgotten passwords, as well as the need to remember multiple passwords for various accounts. The frustration is real, and web based password manager solutions are rapidly becoming both a necessity and an expectation throughout almost any industry.

PortalGuard's web based password manager provides end-users with access to secure, easy to use password management directly from the web browser - all without having to call the help desk. Combined with a Single Sign-on Solution, PortalGuard's built-in web based password manager allows users to consolidate logins behind a single set of credentials, while providing full access to manage, reset, or recover their strong, central password.

Providing convenience does not have to mean sacrificing security, and our web based password manager helps find that balance without putting your users or your environment at risk for any security threats.

    Benefits of the PortalGuard Web Based Password Manager

  • Self-service
  • Easy for end-users to adopt and simple to deploy
  • Enables Password Reset and Other Management Functionality as long as there is an active internet connection.
  • Accessible on a wide range of devices (Droid, Windows, and Mac compatible
  • No client-side software installation required
  • Integrates with Single Sign-on to reduce Password Fatigue
  • For more information on the PortalGuard Web Based Password Manager tool, download our white paper on the Top 5 topics to Consider for Configurable Password Management.