Self-Service Password Reset Made Easy with PortalGuard

In today’s era of technology and connectivity, self-service has evolved into the most preferred method of getting things done. This is especially accurate when it comes to resetting passwords. Perhaps the most well-known reason for this is that self-service password reset (SSPR), regardless of the chosen method, reduces the number of helpdesk calls within a business or organization. The novelty of self-service password reset continues to evolve and become more secure; however, self-service can backfire if security and convenience are not properly balanced.

When end users are faced with too many password prompts, for instance, resetting passwords on your own doesn’t always seem much better than submitting a help-desk ticket. PortalGuard recognizes this as bad implementation of self-service, exemplifying complete disregard for a positive customer experience.

PortalGuard balances the usability and security associated with password resets by providing several flexible options for SSPR. One of the most streamlined password reset features offered by PortalGuard is Desktop Password Reset. Compatible on both the Windows and Macintosh operating systems, PG Desktop Password Reset allows users to reset their Active Directory passwords directly from their login screen. If a user decides they would rather use their mobile phone or tablet, PortalGuard’s Mobile Password Reset App (available on both Apple and Android) allows them to securely generate a new one in seconds.

For more information on PortalGuard’s simple, secure password reset solutions, check out this video.