Self-Service Password Reset for Microsoft SharePoint with PortalGuard

If a SharePoint site is the backbone of your business, it most likely relies on Microsoft Active Directory as a central user database to collect and manage login credentials and other user-specific information. When considering customers and partners who are faced with SharePoint portal services on a regular basis, seamless access is expected for establishing online identities, recovering login credentials and resetting a password. SharePoint and AD alone, however, cannot easily support all of these capabilities - requiring more manual measures to carry out the simple things like the ability to reset SharePoint passwords.

While implementing a SharePoint password manager may seem like one of the best things to do in these situations, changing a SharePoint password is not going to solve the problems associated with lack of security and usability. For example, calling the help-desk when the user forgets this changed password is not ideal. Alongside several other features, PortalGuard’s secure, all-inclusive integration portal provides self-service password reset to your customer-facing (extranet) SharePoint site.

After users register for your SharePoint site using PortalGuard’s support for self-service registration, they are forced to enroll using either knowledge-based authentication (KBA) or one-time passwords (OTPs). In the event that users do forget their SharePoint passwords, they can securely reset them using one or both of these pre-defined protocols. This eliminates the need to call the help desk and waste resources better spent elsewhere.

To learn more about how to overcome the password and identity challenges for customer-facing SharePoint sites, check out this blog article and be sure to download our SharePoint solution brief.