Configure Authentication Provider

Once the building block is installed and activated you may then add and configure the SAML
plug-in to be used with your Blackboard Learn platform.Configuring of Authentication Providers is done on the Authentication page under the Building Blocks section on the Administrator Panel, shown below.

From the Authentication page you may manage and configure the authentication mechanisms you want to employ on your Blackboard Platform.To add and configure the newly installed PortalGuard SAML authentication provider first click the Create Provider button and choose PortalGuard SAML from the list.

The Authentication Provider Creation page will appear.Here you must provide the following general information about the authentication provider in the respective fields:

Name: Set a name for this provider that easily distinguishes one provider from another.

Description: Provide an optional description that easily distinguishes one provider from another, in particular when creating providers of the same type or when providers will be mapped to specific host names.

Authentication Provider Availability: Setting this to ‘Active’ will make the provider active once the configuration is completed, or ‘Inactive’ to activate it later.Setting this to ‘Active’ will require that the SAML Settings for the provider be configured now.

User Lookup Method: Use to select the logon name field mapping. Either setting will function properly for the uses of this authentication provider.

Restrict by Hostname: Use this option to map a provider to one or more host names. Select either ‘Use this provider for any host names’or ‘Restrict this provider only to the specified host name’.If restricting, type one or more host names in the text box, with one host name per line.

Link Text and Icon: The link text and optional Icon for the authentication provider.

Once you’ve entered the necessary information click Save amd Configure to be taken to the SAML Settings page where you must provide the necessary settings to configure the SAML functionality of the provider:

IdP Server: Provide the hostname of the server serving as the identity provider.e.g ‘http://bbtest.’

Identifier: Provide the unique string configured on the PortalGuard IdP identifying its configuration for authenticating with this provider.URL Requests made by this provider to authenticate will be appended with this identifier to properly inform the PortalGuard IdP of this service provider.

Trusted IdP Servers: Provide the Issuer names and certificate values for up to five trusted IdP servers this
authentication provider will accept SAML request tokens from.

Once you’ve entered allthe necessary SAML Settings information click Submit.The Authentication Provider will then be created and added to your list of usable Authentication Providers on the Authentication page.You may activate the provider here if you have not yet done so, as well as configure it to be the exclusive means of accessing the system, or to be a one in a variety of authentication providers to be used.