Installing the Building Block

Installing the PortalGuard SAML authentication provider building block must be done using a Blackboard administrator account and is the first step in installing the authentication provider for use with the Blackboard system.Start by accessing the System Admin control panel through the rightmost tab on the administrator’s homepage as shown in the figure below.

Then, from the control panel, access the Building Blocks management page by clicking the Building ;
Blocks link under the Building Blocks category, as shown in the figure below.

From the Building Blocks management page click on the Upload Building Blocks button in the upper left corner, and then the Installed Tools link on the following page to access the Install Building Block page,
Once you have selected the WAR file click Submit on the Install Building Block page to install the WAR as a building block.Once successful, you’ll be directed back to the Building Blocks management page with the message “Success: Authentication Provider – PortalGuard SAML installed” and the “Authentication Provider – PortalGuard SAML installed added to the list of installed building blocks”.To be used, the building block must first be activated, so to activate the building block click the drop-down menu arrow to the right of its name, and click Set Available.You will be presented with a list of access privileges required of the plug-in.Review the privileges and click Approve to activate the plug-in.