PistolStar Culture

When it comes right down to it, the quality of any technology is directly related to the support that stands behind it. At PistolStar, Inc., we strive to provide a high quality, supportive experience - and that support doesn’t end once a sale is made or the business day ends. Although our employees come from many walks of life, we are all committed to a positive working experience and a strong relationship with each other, as well as with our potential clients and existing customers.

At PistolStar, Inc., nobody is an island. From the moment that you come to us, we provide the support and assistance that you need in order to realize your vision. It is not always enough to point others in the right direction, but rather to collaborate and work together towards an ideal solution. Our innovations are a product of that collaboration, and we strive to bring that level of efficiency and efficacy to our business every day. It is one thing to say the words, but at PistolStar Inc., we act on the promises we make.