Create IdP Attribute Store

1.Click on the Attribute Stores tab of the Identity Provider Configuration Editor.

2.Select the default store.

3.Click the Edit button.

4.The next few sections are for different kinds of repository types.First find the repository type being configured in your environment and then continue configuring from there.

Create Domino Attribute Store (Optional)

1.On the Attribute Store – ‘default’ window do the following:

1.Change the default text in the Name field to Domino LDAP.

2.Change the Default attribute store text in the Description field to Domino LDAP store.

3.Leave the Store Type field set to LDAP.

On the LDAP Basic tab:

4.Select the IBM Lotus Domino value from the drop down in the Vendor field.

5.Set the Server field to the DNS or IP Address of the Domino LDAP server.Multiple servers can be specified by separating each with a single space for failover.

6.Keep the Port field set to 389.

7.Do not check the Use SSL? box.

8.Set the Base DN field to the correct DN.Replace O=Organization with yours.

9.Set the Generic User field to the fully qualified name of the service user created for this PortalGuard POC. e.g. cn=srv_user, cn=users,dc=company,dc=com

10.Enter the password for the service account.

11.Click the Test Settings button.

12.Clicking the Test Settings button should result in this Validated settings pop-up. If this message does not display, see the troubleshooting section of this document.

13.Click the OK button to continue.

On the LDAP Advanced tab:

14.Set the Login Field and CommonName Field to uid.

15.Click the Save button.