Extract Public Certificate

1. The Signing Certificate from the step above has to be created first.

2. Create a file containing the public certificate using the following command:

openssl x509 -outform PEM -in PGIdP.pem -out PGIdP.cer

3. Copy the PGIdP.cer file to the Relying Party server.

Configure PortalGuard with Certificate

1. Open the Identity Provider Configuration Editor from the desktop.Look for this icon:

2. Click the General IdP Settings button.

3. Navigate to the Signing tab of the Identity Provider Settings window.

4. Enter the location of the .PEM file that was created in the Signing Cert File field and the password for that file in the Signing Cert Password field.

5. On the Response tab, enter a value for the Issuer field.This will be the value used as the Issuer in the SAML responses.

6. Click the Save button.