Configure Bootstrap

1. Click the “Edit Bootstrap” button:

2. The very first time the “Edit Bootstrap” button is clicked, this Blank License Key message appears:

3. Click “OK” to be automatically directed to the “License” tab of the Bootstrap Configuration utility:

4. Paste the trial license key into the “License Key” field and verify that the edit cursor immediately follows the “}}” characters at the end of the key.Also make sure there are no white space characters following the cursor.(The trial license key will have been provided by a PortalGuard employee.)

5. Click the “Refresh License Details” button and the “License Details” fields will change to look something like this:

6. Click “Save” to save the change and close the “Bootstrap Configuration” window.

7. Run “iisreset” from an Administrative DOS CMD prompt to allow the PortalGuard Server to load the new trial key.To open a DOS CMD prompt navigate to the “Run” field on the Start menu, type in “cmd.exe” and press enter.