Troubleshooting & Support

PortalGuard support staff is available 9am to 5:30pm Eastern time Monday through Friday.Should a problem be encountered with any of the installation/configuration of PortalGuard our support department can be contacted at:

Phone: (603) 547-1200

To facilitate the troubleshooting please provide the following information with the request for help:

1. Screen shots of any error messages

2. The PortalGuard server log – PG_Log.txt

3. The PortalGuardIdP log – IdP_Log.txt (if using the PG Identity Provider)

4. The PGRADIUS_Log.txt (if using the PG RADIUS server)

All of the PortalGuard logs are located at C:\Program Files\PistolStar\PortalGuard\Logs.

Before gathering any logging, please verify that “Trace” logging has been enabled for each log.

For the PortalGuard Server log and the PortalGuard RADIUS Server log, the “Runtime Log Level” is specified on the “Log/Audit” tab of the “Bootstrap Configuration” window.Click the “Edit Bootstrap” button on the “PortalGuard Configuration Editor” to get to the bootstrap configuration window.

For the PortalGuardIdP log, the “Runtime Log Level” is specified on the “Log/Audit” tab of the “Identity Provider Settings” window.Click the “General IdP Settings” button on the “Identity Provider Configuration Editor” to get to the general IdP settings window.