Saas User Authentication

Saas Benefits

  • No per user cost
  • No API required
  • Flexible strong authentication
  • Rapid Deployment
  • Easy to configure by user, group, and organization
  • Comprehensive reporting, audit features
  • Highly Scalable
  • Open standards integration
  • Branding and customization options
  • Veracode and SecureState verified

Identity Management Saas

  • Active Directory integration
  • Password Management
  • Self-service Registration
  • Password Reset

Saas Applications

Deploying cloud applications should establish an alternative strong authentication method, such as one-time password (OTP) or knowledge-based question. This will provide stronger authentication than passwords alone. SaaS providers don't typically support authentication alternatives besides SAML single sign-on and a username and password login. Stronger authentication requires deploying a hardware token (YubiKey) or tokenless OTP capability to clients using SMS or the Google Authenticator. The costs per user and integration requirements for deploying a one-time password can differ greatly. Therefore, choosing a flexible solution-set that provides many authentication methods that allows you to configure by user, group and organization to best meet the needs of your clients.


PortalGuard's turnkey user authentication solution-set for SaaS Application sites adds value to your client-facing application as a tightly integrated single point of access. PortalGuard provides flexible ways for your clients to manage their access control including; self-service password reset, a choice of eight two-factor authentication methods, identity management, and single sign-on all-in-one bundled solution-set.

PortalGuard for Saas Provides:

  • Integrated with IIS and Active Directory
  • Independent LDAP user directories
  • User Self Registration
  • Configurable by user, group, and organization
  • Support for monitoring and auditing
  • Integrated SAML IdP for Single Sign-On to Google Apps, and more
  • Support for all browsers
  • Strong authentication
  • Self-service Password Reset and Recovery
  • Self-service Password Reset enabled with 2FA
  • Preventing concurrent sessions
  • Forced user enrolment

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