Get Single Sign-On (SSO) for Office 365

PortalGuard is an All-In-One Office 365 Portal Login that provides Two-factor Authentication (2FA), Self-service Password Reset (SSPR), and Single Sign-on (SSO) to other SAML-enabled applications.

PortalGuard's user authentication solution-set for Office 365 adds value for your end-users as a tightly integrated single point of access. PortalGuard provides flexible ways for your clients to manage their access control including; Self-service Password Reset, a choice of multiple Two-factor Authentication methods, identity management, and Single Sign-on – all in a single solution.

With PortalGuard, users no longer struggle with forgotten passwords and password resets – and their authentication process is much more streamlined. Reducing password related help desk calls helps to free up the IT team as well, enabling local IT to work on more pressing issues/projects instead of wasting time on password resets.

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