The Benefits of Single Sign-On – Why PortalGuard?

When you stop to consider the benefits of single sign-on, one of the first things that comes to mind for IT people is reduced help-desk calls. When deployed right, Single Sign-On (SSO) can cut down IT support costs and prevent lost income from customer churn. According to a poll conducted by blue research, 92% of users would rather leave a website than stick around to reset or recover login information. On both consumer and enterprise levels, SSO is put in place to enhance the user experience during logins - making the process quick and simple.

In addition to boosting productivity, SSO also improves compliance and security capabilities. To many, this comes as a surprise. Because so many passwords are eliminated, it is often argued that SSO’s ability to reduce the keys to your IT assets to a single password actually weakens security resulting in an increase in vulnerability to cyber-attacks. Again, if not deployed properly, SSO can cause a company more harm than good.

PortalGuard was designed with these considerations in mind, and is built to combine both the improved user experience and increased authentication security that make SSO a worthwhile consideration. While reducing user frustration and password fatigue, PortalGuard can be set up to require users to use a single, strong password with tailored contextual and multifactor authentication. Because PortalGuard SSO allows users to remember a single password, encouraging and enforcing users to use a stronger, more complex password is much easier.